Logging table used by the udb logging procedures log.logInsert and log.logInsertTableVariable.  It is a generic logging table to be used by any user process that would like to note different information during its execution.  This table allows the developer to have a centralized logging table along with the necessary tools to provide high speed logging as well as transaction rollback resilient logging.  It is the core of the UtilityDB logging framework.

Column name Data type Description
logging_id bigInt Incrementing 8 byte integer, identity column, PK
set_id unique identifier Unique identifier used to tie multiple "calling_sql_name" log records together.  Allows you to track log records across different processes.
date_logged datetime2(7) The time the record was generated.
calling_sql_name varchar(257) The name of the calling process normally a procedure name normally in the format SchemaName.ProcedureName
user_name sysname The name of the user executing the step, suser_name, user_name, or original_login_name
step smallint The current step number
total_steps smallint The total number of steps in a given "calling_sql_name"
message varchar(1000) The message that is to be logged by this particular step


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