This table is used to contain script execution information.  Each script that is executed, using the Transaction controlled object release Framework (TCORF),  should have a row in this table.  All UtilityDB code releases use this framework.  Therefore all UtilityDB code executed should/will have a row in this table showing the script name, the execution date as well as the other relevant release execution information.

Column name Data type Description
script_name varchar(256) The name of the script, Primary Key
version_number smallint The version of the current release
release_number smallint The scripts release number inside a particular version
date_released datetime The time the script was executed
undone bit Flag to determine if the script has been rolled back through the use of an "Undo" script.

The @template and @Undo_Template contained within the UtilityDB project provide detail examples of how this is to be used with a code release.  Once a script using the TCOR Framework has been executed successfully it is recorded in this table.  The Transaction controlled object release Framework will not allow the script to be re-executed in the same database unless the script has been rolled back using the "Undo" version of the same script name.

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