The intended way to deliver the finished project is through the execution of the @BuildScript.sql script using SSMS SQLCMD mode. This will execute all of the scripts in the current release in the database you are currently in.  Each release of the UtilityDB that you download and execute will upgrading the objects of  previous versions, bringing you up to the current release.

  1. Download the most recent release of the UtilityDB source code. ( for UtilityDB Version 1.8)
  2. Unzip the the UtilityDB source code into a directory.  It should become something like "C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\udb_v1dot8"
  3. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, choose File, Open, and select the @BuildScript.sql file
  4. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, choose Query, then SQLCMD Mode.  All of the SQLCMD arguments will be highlighted in gray.
  5. Go to line 28 of the script and replace the "C:\Users\fibich\My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Projects\UtilityDB\Rebirth\UtilityDB with the location of the unzip file in Step 2.  This is also the location you opened the @BuildScript.sql file from.  (Example:C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\udb_v1dot8)
  6. Execute the script.


Its just that easy. 

Have fun, good luck, and please let me know if you are having any issues by placing a comment in the appropriate "Discussions" thread for a given release.


Note:The ssmssqlproj and ssmssln files in the zip file are for SQL Server 2012

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